About Us

Saltone safaris is a reputable destination management company offering customized African Safaris,hotel bookings and beach stays in East Africa. At saltone safaris, we facilitate remarkable journeys that unmask the beauty that lies in Africa, from white sandy beaches to experiencing wildlife in their natural habitat.

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Mission Statement:

To provide the ultimate African travel experience to our clients from the world over through our experience and values drawn from the travel business.

Vision Statement:

To be one of the leading and most trusted travel management agency in east Africa and in the region

Core Values:

Excellence- we nurture a culture of excellence in what we do. Reliability-We deliver on what we have promised to deliver and we will not promise what we cannot deliver. Consistency- We promise to be unchanging and steady in the provision of our services. Honesty- We endeavor to be truthful in all our engagements with both our clients and business partners. Innovative-We strive to introduce new and creative ideasin shaping the next generation of business travel



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